Project Owner Support

JEK ENGINEERING acts as “Global Project Director” to support project owners, by providing:

Economical Project Management

Monitoring the cost of a project is a major issue between the different actors of the construction sector (project owner, project management, company).


The evaluation method established by JEK ENGINEERING (A3C method), is based on a large database permanently enriched with the experience of accomplished projects. This method allows evaluating future costs at all stages of a building project, form the program definition until the study of all details.


Our estimation becomes an active communication tool between the Owner and the Architect. It allows supporting programmatic, architectural and engineering choices, checking the outlined cost expectations and optimizing the whole project.


“Economically-driven conception” is an essential approach JEK ENGINEERING ensures thanks to a reliable estimation tool and a strong interaction between engineers and economists. This approach allows monitoring and optimizing a project in order to start only once the adequacy with the program, the proposed project and the budget defined by the customer has been controlled at all levels.


Both, cost control and our strong experience in economical project management, facilitate the communication with companies and grant the success of the project.

Technical Studies

JEK ENGINEERING’s specialists have a strong expertise in innovative technologies regarding, Geo-technical structures, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, elevators, sanitary facilities, electrical equipment, safety, catering engineering, acoustics, low power, centralized technical management systems, telecommunications, IT, audio-visual, security, roads, utility networks, HQE high-environmental-quality and BBC low-energy-building labels.


They know how to combine innovative solutions with pragmatically answers, always reliable and economically suitable with the project and the product.


JEK ENGINEERING is able to go into the detail of execution, even above the preliminary draft to verify the quality of the studies or, according to the customer’s expectations, realize the studies of execution.


The quality of JEK ENGINEERING’s technical studies provides the basis for a smooth completion of the projects.

Project Development

Through its relationships and its expertise, JEK ENGINEERING shares or performs the development of numerous projects, since their funding until their delivery, including  the commissioning of the facilities, the building permits (for resorts, shopping malls and other complexes) while ensuring “cost, time, quality” compliance of the project.

This includes:

Execution of Turnkey Projects

For turnkey projects JEK ENGINEERING takes on the role of general contractor to guarantee an optimal and customized execution of the project.


We submit projects in line with organizational, administrative, staffing, location and site configuration constraints to best meet the future use of the building which will be made by the client according to its destination.

This includes:

Project Management

Project management is a natural extension of the design studies realized by JEK ENGINEERING.

JEK ENGINEERING’s Project Manager is an experienced generalist focused on achievement.


He relies on the various technical and economic experts of the team to lead the project in accordance with the choice of design and contract documents. Responsible for qualitative and quantitative implementation, he controls the work of companies and ensures compliance with the standards of professional practice. He manages budget, analyses and verifies project evolutions, reports to the client and the Architect.


The Project Manager performs his function until receipt of the work. He ensures that all reservations are lifted and that the client has a record that will allow a good operation and maintenance of his work.