Our profession

A signature of expertise​

Project management assistance

  • A true project management assistant, JEK INGENIERIE is positioned as the “global director of the project”.

Economic project management

  • Controlling the cost of a project is a major issue between the various players in construction (contracting authority, project management, company).

Technical study

The specialists at JEK INGENIERIE are experts in the most innovative techniques in the field of geotechnical structures, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, elevators, sanitary equipment, electrical and security systems, restaurant engineering, acoustics, low voltage systems, BMS, telecommunications, IT, audiovisual systems, security, roadways, utility networks, HQE & BBC certifications, and more.

JEK INGENIERIE shares and carries out the development of numerous projects, from financing to delivery, including commissioning of facilities and operating permits (in the context of tourist complexes, commercial projects, or others), while ensuring adherence to the planned “cost, time, quality” framework of the project.

Realization of "turnkey" works

For the execution of turnkey projects, JEK INGENIERIE takes on the role of general contractor to ensure an optimal and tailor-made realization of the project.

Execution project management

Execution Project Management naturally follows the design studies conducted by JEK INGENIERIE.

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